Autumnal Shades, reduced prices


Visiting Cornwall is like taking a step back in time.

The rugged outcrops of granite.

The sound of the waves on the rocks and shores.

The silhouettes of the mines against the blue sky and the rabbits that run across the moorland cliff tops in the camouflage of a heather moorland that changes colour in the light remind us all of how wonderful and peaceful sweet timeless moments can be.

When the summer's over and the nights get longer there can be mystical moments where the shades and colours of the landscape just blur into one.  

If you're looking for a special moment or getaway with that special friend or your family.  If you  want to just cuddle up and reflect without the interruptions of day to day modernism then this is your place.  

In the autumn months our cottages are available for 3 day getaways. A weekend? A quick respite from day to day life?

Bring the kids and throw pooh sticks into the river in the valley. Catch a crab. Skim the pebbles into the tempestuous waves. Watch the seagulls. Laugh! run through the sand with bare feet or just remember what it felt like to be a kid on the shore.

Get home and pour yourselves a long drink. Cuddle and then sleep soundly.

It's just waiting to be enjoyed.

If you contact us directly by calling our number you can get a 10% discount on the prices advertised.

See you soon!