Visit the seals - check the Cornish Seal Sancutary for dates

Cornish Friends

Cornish Friends

Visiting Cornwall for Easter. Make it a point to go and visit the Gweek Seal Sanctuary.

If you’re in town for the 24th March then the whole family can enjoy a Muddy Run with details on the Sanctuary Site.

If you’re lucky the seals might come and visit you at Porthtowan as the seals are regularly released back into the wild each year.

It certainly is a great getaway for those studying or working hard at this time of year.

Check out the Cornwall Live site for seal release dates.

Seal pup or human. There’s always a home for you in Cornwall.

Start your 2019 summer right, come to Cornwall to hear bands on the beach.

Tunes in the Dunes.jpg

Tunes in the Dunes is coming to be the thing to kick off the summer season in Cornwall. Begun in 2015, it has grown in size and popularity as more and more people come each year to enjoy spectacular live music whilst soaking up the view of majestic Perranporth beach which is where the festival is situated. Featuring a wide range of acts from, all sorts of music lovers can go to hear anything from Backbeat Sound System, to Clean Bandit to Status Quo. 

This year's Tunes in the Dunes festival runs from the 24th May to the 26th May. Book these nights at a 19th Acre cottage - Skylarks or Swallows - and you will be able to drop your 14 to 19 year old off at the beach and pick them up afterwards.

This leaves you and your friends free to explore and wine and dine in the local restaurants which surround you. Why not take a moment to enjoy the highly rated Taste restaurant in St Agnes (book ahead to avoid disappointment), stroll in the light of a beautiful sunset to the Victory Inn next door where the proprietors really know how to run a pub full of Cornish Fayre or pop off for a cocktail at the Old School bar and Kitchen in Mount Hawke where the food and drink and space makes it a great space for larger family gatherings.

Imagine, your kids exploring beach heaven while you get time alone to discover Cornish hospitality at its finest.

Make a reservation now. It's just one mouse click away.



Bike Trails

Biking as a family can be lots of fun.

When you stay at the 19th acre you'll have the perfect opportunity to test the trails cross county when you visit Elm Farm which is situated on the Portreath to Devoran Bike trail. Elm Farm is less than three miles from the 19th Acre by car with plenty of parking. Elm Fam is well stocked with bikes for hire that suit everybody's ability for only £15 an outing.  Accessories include trailers that can be used to transport the younger 'Bradley Wiggins' of the family so that no one need miss out.

When you rent a bike you'll have a number of trails to choose from. Go north for a quick jaunt to Portreath. This is great for the young family who wish to enjoy a quick couple of hours on a ride together. For the teenage family, take the trail to Devoran on the south coast and you can legitimately claim you've cycled across Cornwall. For the casual riders you'll enjoy a three to four hour round trip simply by going as far as the Bissoe Bike Park before returning back up the trail. If you've more time on your hands then go all the way to Devoran and make a full day trip of the outing. Whichever route you choose, then the more adventurous among you will be able to take off on on the tributary paths to visit the old mining quarries where you can jump bikes and explore en route.  Rest assured, while those options exist, this is a safe and fun day out for everyone.

At the end of the day you'll be happy to know that it's just a short trip back to your Holiday Cottage before freshening up and taking off for a nice family meal out. There's lots of nearby dining options to choose from: Check out Taste in St Agnes, the Old School Bar and Kitchen in Mount Hawke, the new Chiquitos in nearby Truro, The Victory Inn next door or, if you're feeling a little laid back use your fully equipped Holiday Cottage while the kids use the wireless service in the cottage to watch the Go Pro footage of the day they've uploaded to the Cloud.

Whatever you choose to do you'll discover a great family day out.






Autumnal Shades, reduced prices


Visiting Cornwall is like taking a step back in time.

The rugged outcrops of granite.

The sound of the waves on the rocks and shores.

The silhouettes of the mines against the blue sky and the rabbits that run across the moorland cliff tops in the camouflage of a heather moorland that changes colour in the light remind us all of how wonderful and peaceful sweet timeless moments can be.

When the summer's over and the nights get longer there can be mystical moments where the shades and colours of the landscape just blur into one.  

If you're looking for a special moment or getaway with that special friend or your family.  If you  want to just cuddle up and reflect without the interruptions of day to day modernism then this is your place.  

In the autumn months our cottages are available for 3 day getaways. A weekend? A quick respite from day to day life?

Bring the kids and throw pooh sticks into the river in the valley. Catch a crab. Skim the pebbles into the tempestuous waves. Watch the seagulls. Laugh! run through the sand with bare feet or just remember what it felt like to be a kid on the shore.

Get home and pour yourselves a long drink. Cuddle and then sleep soundly.

It's just waiting to be enjoyed.

If you contact us directly by calling our number you can get a 10% discount on the prices advertised.

See you soon! 




One of the best things about staying at the 19th acre is all the space that surrounds you. It begins when you drive up with ample parking space and a large drive next to your cottage. Perfect for unloading the kayaks, fishing kit or surfboards you've brought with you.

When you look out the kitchen window you'll see the large patio. Complete with swing sets, furniture and fire pit. Perfect for barbeques and watching the long slow sun sets to be appreciated here.

Then there are activities within reach. At the 19th acre you can enjoy the swing set and football activities available on site. For the under fives there are toy tractors to drive and blocks to stack. Come to that for the over 45s there are blocks to stack and toys to play with too. Then there are the nearby activities less than 10 minutes away. The beautiful surf beaches less than 5 minutes away are obvious but if you need more think about visiting the Skate Park at Mount Hawke, The Quad bike center near Mount Hawke or Coasteering. Everything is so close the more athletic among you can try running the 3 to 6 miles it needs to reach all these centers. For more ideas check out our Facebook page

After that it's easy. Spend your evening visiting the Blue Bar, the Victory Inn, the Old school bar and Kitchen. All moments away.   

If all this fun is a bit too much effort then hey! Just sit back and hang in a hammock. 

There's always tomorrow ;-).


Spring is here: Sports - Football - Beach

The sun is out and spring is here. Its at this time of year that one can take an honest look and see if you're 'beach ready!'. If, like me, that feels as if it will need a bit of work then the best thing to do is set yourself up for sports, training and outreach. Here at the 19th acre we've everything you need to prepare for the coming summer. We have a rowing machine in the barn, cycle racks, half a football pitch, great trails, surfing, coasteering all of which can be supported by a personal trainer. If this is not enough to get you excited then 'Breathe, Hot Yoga' in Truro or other Yoga centers who will be happy to entertain your habit on the beach are just a short drive away. Contact us to put together a package. Our son, who's an avid football player will be happy to give you football instruction and personal trainer Steve of Intelligent Fitness will put together a  personal training week.

When you can have all this alongside our remarkable home produce, fresh vegetables and fish from the sea you'll be relaxed happy and ready for anything.

Check out pictures of our half football pitch opposite St Agnes Beacon on our Facebook. Search for the 19th Acre on Facebook or call 01209 891611.



Easter antics

February's weather was unseasonably warm in this part of the world and reasonably dry so we're seeing early sightings of dolphins and seals. Recent sightings have been recorded at either end of Cornwall in Ramehead and near us here at the 19th acre in Penzance. A map of the best places to see the Seals is located here. There's really nothing quite like catching up with the wildlife of Cornwall in its natural habitat so a 20 minute trip down the coast to Godrevy head in all its glory is well worth a visit.

For those on holiday with us in the cottages Easter is a great time to visit local National Trust properties who do such a wonderful job of entertaining young and old alike. The three nearest are so varied you're bound to find one that fits your need for personal adventure. The first for the industrialists among you is in Redruth at East Pool Mine. East Pool mine is an old mining relic that illustrates how industrial Cornwall was at the turn of the 20th century. The second for the beach lovers among you is at Crantock Beach. Run through the dunes and sand to discover very many Easter bunnies who have generously left eggs dotted around the countryside. Last but by no means least take a walk in the beautiful Trelissick gardens. Savour the flowers and beautiful views of the estuary while finding eggs along the trail.

Whichever one you pick we know that you'll enjoy the company, memories and laughter that you share along the way.

Happy Easter to all from the 19th Acre. 



Happy New Year

All of us at the 19th acre want to wish you a very Happy New Year.


All of us at the 19th acre want to wish you a very Happy New Year.

We know we’re lucky to be living in a beautiful part of the world and we want to share it with you.

When you're thinking of taking a holiday in our corner of northwest Cornwall we're aware that you have many choices available to you so perhaps now is a good time to take a moment to highlight some of the lesser known places to enjoy in and around our awesome location.

First it goes without saying that we're in an unspoilt location, opposite a National trust property, next to Wheal Coates, in Poldark country and surrounded by miles of open beaches. We have so many of the great coastal sports open to you including surfing, sailing, para gliding, swimming, coasteering, horse riding on the beach and so on.   

For those feeling a little over indulged after a vacation of eating and festivities then why not check out a fitness retreat led by your very own personal trainer while staying at the 19th acre?

This year, in 2016 we’re partnering with our favourite fitness consultant Steve, of Intelligent Fitness who is designing retreats for those who want to both enjoy our beautiful Cornish landscape while also enjoying the benefits of personal development and training. We're fortunate enough to have it all here on our doorstop so whether it's running in the valleys or across cliff tops, doing Yoga on a beach, mountain biking in the countryside, developing your body strength by exercising in our covered barn or pursuing sports techniques with guidance on our grassy acres with football goals to the ready then call us to design your own personal week away.  We're ready to take care of food and overall hospitality if this is your interest.

If you're coming to visit us on a holiday for those with a variety of ages and needs then, there's a range of fun and natural activities that don't always make it to Cornwall's headline status. All are close to the location we enjoy. First if you're a little bit of an adrenalin junky or just enjoy 'off road' experiences why not try racing friends and family around our local all terrain vehicle track at Chacewater. This well organized venue is only about 10 minutes away by car and is guaranteed to impress all who take part. This activity is perfect for friends and family who travel together and just want to have a little competitive rivalry or for the energetic teenager that just wants downtime. Don't worry if you have no experience. The team are organized and ready to help every beginner and cater for children and adults. Your children will not want to leave.

If you're a supporter of animal welfare or just enjoy a great opportunity to visit horses and donkeys then you can enjoy a great day out at the Flicka Foundation at Mabe Burnthouse near Penryn. Not only will you have the opportunity to visit many furry friends who enjoy your love and attention but you'll also be inspired by the stories of the benefits that Flicka brings. The Gweek Seal sanctuary gives a similar experience. You will not want to miss the glassy eyes of a seal pup and there are beautiful woodland walks to enjoy there too. We encourage you to walk as far as the otters who live at the sanctuary as they'll delight you with their play.

So – whatever you’re interested in and wherever you are we welcome you to 2016 and to our cliff top.

Please stop by to say hello!

Community friends

Now that the longest day of the year is nearly here we're enjoying the fabulous sunsets over St Agnes Beacon and local Porthtowan beach and looking forward to enjoying more long golden sunrays together with barbeques through the summer.

Our smallholding will open our farm shop this summer just in time for those special BBQ moments. We now have our easy to cook sausages,  bacon and rib packs available for your special moment on the beach. We can even rent out a grill if you need one in a hurry. Our farm shop will open on an ad hoc basis and carry some wonderful freshly baked goods made by our enthusiastic young daughter. She'll share her home made creations to die for along with jars of flavorful basics such as Cornish chutneys and jams too.  

With all this in mind we're excited to be at the Old School Bar and kitchen fete today, the 20th June. We have proudly supplied the venue with a pig for their event this weekend and equally proud to be invited to share samples of our products there.

The Old School Bar and Kitchen is a great neighbourhood gourmet experience run by a fabulous generous spirited owner who went to primary school in the very building that is now a restaurant. The OSBK is both glamorous, and yet 'come as you are casual' to be enjoyed by everyone, young or old. Formal or informal. As a neighbour we can heartily recommend the Old School Bar and kitchen for its great dinner menu, cocktails, tasty bar bites and Cornish welcomes.

For those staying in the 19th Acre cottages you will be able 'walk the back way' to get there in 20 minutes and this is a particularly great way to go if you want to indulge in the great cocktails they serve.

Come and visit us at the Old School Bar and Kitchen Fete today. 

Imagine spending a day among friends, in the warmth of warm Cornish sun.

Explore Shady park and the delightful dappled green light and stream of the valley on your way to Mount Hawke

Discover  tastes you'd only dreamed of

Night Sky

Our daily lives are noisy: voices, light, digital inputs and the man made noise of our environment can leave us feeling overwhelmed. 

At the 19th Acre you'll enjoy peace and the natural sounds: the sound of the ocean, the sound of the skylarks as they dip in and out of the water,  the sound of kids who laugh and play in the big grass spaces, the sound of waves and, perhaps, the odd bleat of an animal or two at tea time.  Even more calming is the silence, peace and often forgotten joy of the huge silent vista of stars twinkling in the night sky. These big, open skies define our countryside experience and on a clear night you can see some 4,000 celestial friends shining their light back on you.

Absent light pollution and  away from towns and streetlights we enjoy a wonderfully clear view of the night sky and the impact is breath-taking. Take a moment to locate the St Agnes & Chapel Porth region on the  The Dark Sky Discovery network, to see the fantastic place we enjoy.

Imagine: Stargazing after a long day of swimming and surfing.

Explore: The galaxy from the comfort of your own patio chair or laying comfortably on the grass.

Discover:  the glow of the Andromeda Galaxy. Two million light years away. 

Look up! It's waiting for you.

Godrevy Seals

When you walk out of the 19th Acre and look left you see Godrevy Lighthouse in the distance. Godrevy Beach was visited often by Virginia Woolfe as a child. Her novel, to the Lighthouse was inspired by it.  

For those thinking of venturing away with the kids for a week in the County of Cornwall then it's perhaps worth a visit to Godrevy which in a recent trip advisor report is described as a Heaven on Earth  

For the animal lovers among you the added attraction is that a colony of Seals inhabit Godrevy. About 30 or more visit quite regularly and an estimated 200 other seals visit during a year, its not surprising that we see them quite often and those who walk the rocks and cliffs past the island can see the regulars on most days. Viewing at low tide from above the car park on Godrevy head is possible and small binoculars will help to study them as individuals. To see the seals walk past the toilet blocks with the toilets on your right, follow the road and enter the large grass car park, walk at a diagonal angle to your right across the car park heading for the gate and foot path in the top right hand corner, follow this footpath until you are at the cliff edge. The beach the seals congregate on is below. You are warned not to approach the seals or make loud noises when looking at them as this can disturb them which would be particularly bad in breeding season. If you are lucky you will see seals swimming in the sea around the Godrevy and Gwithian area. You may even see a baby seal!

In June the National Trust are running a BioBlitz day: The National trust will be attempting to record all the flora and fauna of the site and surveying will take place from dawn to dusk. If you are interested in beetles, birds, butterflies, flowers, fungi, lichen, mammals, moths, molluscs, reptiles, rockpools, seaweed or indeed all of the above, then come and join us on the headland for a day of surveys, walks, talks and wildlife. 

Imagine 2 miles or more of sand walking. Explore rock pools and craggy coastline. Discover seals and perhaps even a seal pup.

Dinner anyone? A very local Hogwarts....?

No matter how long my family lives in Cornwall there's always a new and unusual place to discover. Famously unusual places in the county include the Minack Theater  and Veryan's round houses however this week we discovered one of the more unusual places within a 20 minute drive of the 19th Acre.  

Carn Brea Castle on Carn Brea is a 14th-century grade II listed granite stone building which was extensively remodelled in the 18th century as a hunting lodge in the style of a castle. Now a restaurant, the Castle was originally built as a chapel, in 1379, thought to be dedicated to St Michael .  It has been extensively rebuilt in different periods since, primarily in the 18th century where it was refurbished as a hunting lodge. It is considered a Folly castle, due to the huge uncut boulders that make up part of its foundations, giving the impression of the building melting into the land. 

We visited it for dinner. It serves really good Middle Eastern food. With no electric in the dining room, candle lit tables and small windows and alcoves, those who love Harry Potter might find themselves thinking of a very small Hogwart Hall. Apparently Ron Weasely’s Ford Anglia was found at Carn Brea. Hardly a surprise. Our children joined us and our 15 year old and 12 year old sons thought they’d discovered an ‘other world'. It’s not every day you step back 700 years. The proprietor of the restaurant invites you to the roof for the view over north and south Cornish coasts so mini -ramparts are included. 

We arrived in the mist and a number of our party did not know where we were going for dinner. We recommend making a booking here if you want to eat and perhaps, not telling the kids where they're going in advance. I promise you they'll be surprised.

Imagine, the Knights Templar, explore views and granite outcrops and discover great Baklava and Baba Ganoush. This peculiar and exotic place it helps us remember that Cornwall, with its tin, was part of some of the great trading routes going way back in time. Back to the Egyptians and perhaps even to the Phoenicians.

St Piran's Day - March 5th


Among the patron saints of St Patrick, St David and St Andrew is St Piran, the lesser known patron saint of Cornwall. St Piran is said to have crossed the sea from Ireland on a millstone. He is attributed with bringing Christianity to Cornwall and March 5th is St Piran's day. 

The modern observance of St Piran's day as a national symbol of the people of Cornwall started in the late 19th and early 20th century when Celtic revivalists sought to provide the people of Cornwall with a national day similar to those observed by other Celtic regions. Since the 1950s, the celebration has become increasingly observed and since the start of the 21st century almost every Cornish community holds some sort of celebration to mark the event. St Piran's flag is seen flying throughout Cornwall on this day.


Visitors to Cornwall in the week of the 5th can enjoy the many parades and celebrations that take place in towns and cities across the county. Festivals close to the 19th Acre include:  Truro with its Cornish folk music festival.  Falmouth with its parade of school children through the town.  Penzance,  with the annual performance of St Piran Furry dance and street procession and Perranporth with the annual St Piran Schools Concert. It is in Perranporth where the ancient original church of St Piran is to be found buried in the sands.


The meaning and origin of Perranzbuloe, the Furry dance and St Piran's flag. Know why a white cross is shown on a black background

St Agnes and the heritage trail


Cornwall's history cannot be told without reference to its geology and minerals. This craggy peninsula about 80 miles long, which reaches away from England towards the beautiful Isles of Scilly has a character and geology that sets it apart as a county of unparalleled beauty.

It's unspoilt beaches backed by high cliff tops are a result of those hard igneous and metamorphic rocks that lie beneath the surface and it is the great mines of our grandfathers that leave the land scattered with mining chimneys, engine houses, and other beautiful rugged reminders of Cornwall's mining past. Can you believe that in the early 1900s approximately half of the world's tin came from Cornwall?

One of the finest and most striking examples of a historical mine can be found at Wheal Coates - which - is about a 15 - 20 minute walk from our door here at The 19th Acre.  Wheal Coates is a former tin mine situated on the north coast of Cornwall, England, on the cliff tops between Porthtowan and St Agnes. It is preserved and maintained by the National Trust.

‘Wheal’ is Cornish for ‘place of work’, not 'mine' as is often stated. The term for 'mine' is 'bal', as in 'bal maidens', the women who worked on the surface. The site was worked for centuries but the surviving buildings date from the 1870s when deep underground mining began at the site and were stabilised and preserved in 1986.

Wheal Coates is just one of a number of mines that are on the St Agnes Heritage trail, The trail itself is marked as an area of outstanding natural beauty. 


If you're interested in taking a walking tour, interspersed with locally sourced and home cooked culinary delights such as those served at the Driftwood Spar in St Agnes or the National Trust Cafe at Chapel Porth then this is the place for you.  If your furry friend wants to visit us we'll set up a doggy kennel just for you .  To plan your adventure and for more information on the St Agnes heritage trail look here .


Breathtaking views, Stippy Stappy (look for it ;-),  cornish yarg, goats cheese and the Blue Hills.



Plum pudding anyone?

Oxford Sandy and Black pigs 

As new small holders we want to build our name on sourcing fresh farm produce and sharing it with you.

Our first step is to rear six Oxford Sandy and Black pigs. 

It's a seasonal reminder for us all as these pigs also go by the name plum pudding and they are one of the oldest pig breeds in England.

The Oxford Sandy & Black is noted for its many qualities, particularly its excellent temperament and mothering abilities. The Oxford Sandy & Black Pig will function well under most management systems, and produces meat of very high quality and flavour (the markings do not go through to the meat).  We look forward to sharing the pigs with you when you visit us or by order if you would like. Restaurants - we're happy to supply pig to order ;-). Inquire via

In the meantime we're enjoying the company of these cuties and we're making their days as happy as we can. 

The 19th Acre is born...

We bought our farm holiday smallholding just under 6 months ago after moving from Seattle in the United States to the West Coast of Cornwall. Even though our family has spent 17 years living in the USA in a beautiful and fabulous place I succumbed to the draw of Cornwall. I was born in Cornwall, went to school in Cornwall and needed to know that my own kids know Cornwall too. It's that passion for Cornwall we share with you here.

As New Year is fast approaching it's a fitting time to announce the launch of The 19th Acre:   A farm space next to the sea. It's an expanse of sky through which to view the stars. It's a place where you can hear the sound of breaking waves. An essential place where your kids can run, and you can be yourself. It's a place to stay.

Our new site is now here. It's minimal but it's a start - and, in the end - it's all about starting!  

Call us, contact us or even just share your New Year's resolution and check back in with us along the way to see our story unfold.