Plum pudding anyone?

Oxford Sandy and Black pigs 

As new small holders we want to build our name on sourcing fresh farm produce and sharing it with you.

Our first step is to rear six Oxford Sandy and Black pigs. 

It's a seasonal reminder for us all as these pigs also go by the name plum pudding and they are one of the oldest pig breeds in England.

The Oxford Sandy & Black is noted for its many qualities, particularly its excellent temperament and mothering abilities. The Oxford Sandy & Black Pig will function well under most management systems, and produces meat of very high quality and flavour (the markings do not go through to the meat).  We look forward to sharing the pigs with you when you visit us or by order if you would like. Restaurants - we're happy to supply pig to order ;-). Inquire via

In the meantime we're enjoying the company of these cuties and we're making their days as happy as we can.