The 19th Acre is born...

We bought our farm holiday smallholding just under 6 months ago after moving from Seattle in the United States to the West Coast of Cornwall. Even though our family has spent 17 years living in the USA in a beautiful and fabulous place I succumbed to the draw of Cornwall. I was born in Cornwall, went to school in Cornwall and needed to know that my own kids know Cornwall too. It's that passion for Cornwall we share with you here.

As New Year is fast approaching it's a fitting time to announce the launch of The 19th Acre:   A farm space next to the sea. It's an expanse of sky through which to view the stars. It's a place where you can hear the sound of breaking waves. An essential place where your kids can run, and you can be yourself. It's a place to stay.

Our new site is now here. It's minimal but it's a start - and, in the end - it's all about starting!  

Call us, contact us or even just share your New Year's resolution and check back in with us along the way to see our story unfold.